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Friday, July 9, 2010
friday night

mr www.blogger.com , thank rachel for making me use you :)

im blogging cause of rachel hahha and yeah rachel,you should be happy.i know you're reading it now.thinking how interesting it is. okay my mum is out again and my dads in penang cause my grandma is not well. idk what he does there.cause i guess all my grandma does is sleep and eat?that seems a lil mean lol im currently in lvoe with a korean singer,lee hyori.shes 31 but does not look 31.idk how a 31 year old celebrity would look like though. shes very cool and cute and fun.but i dont like her latest hairstlyle.its like long and very light. im ignoring rachels msn msgs now,cause im blogging lmao gonna go check what she typed..hold on
back in a minute
okay shes so proud that she knows my facebook password lol
substitute she=rachel into the previous sentence
haha making use of maths hahha mr rama must be proud.he probably has a poser on blogger.com too.

racheleta abdul says (11:17 PM):
slowly think and recall what u did today and write every detail even personal stuff like masturbating LOL!

shes very sick minded ,isnt she hahha
thats it.hahha i wonder if my sis still checks my blog hahha
bye bye
11.19 -took me only 4 mins?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

it's almost 10 and im so phucking bored..
and im hungry! if only my dad will come home with some food :D
i wonder if rachel is afk. oh and Wii is so damn fun

i hvnt got anything interesting to write(not like i will have any).the holidays are just lame.nth to do but eat!i think i gained weight?why wont i grow taller?srsly! such a boring post and im glad u were willing to waste,like a minute?

thats all. bye.salut. xoJ (if rachel
xoP visits,she
will know
what that

Friday, July 17, 2009
My 31st post aka 1st post since April? It's July now!

I got Twitter!

Well,almaz,it isnt as bad as you think it is.well i sent a msg to paula but she hasnt replied and i assume she wont.'But' its ok.lol.and i srsly think Megan Fox is super superb! she's SUPER SYMPA(i think thats the sp-it means super cool-i think).She might be a man with a tiny adam's apple.but idc.she's hot!Dont i sound gay?lmao.i wanna watch NEW MOON so badly eventhough i havent even finished the first half of Twilight which i bought like ages ago?i suck.i srsly do.

Oh!And i bought GA season 5 partt 2 but i cant really rmb what happened in part 1.im just lazy to repeat.too bad,i havent got Rachel's interest in repeating good shows lol. Rachel's in Tie-One(taiwan) and i hope she doesnt catch the Flu. Cause :

Once the pig(rachel) sneezes/coughs,the whole world will be scared of her!

Cmon when are you back Rachel? WE havent been chatting.lol
And whoever using 'JOEY' in Poh Yi's blog,cut the crap or go eff it .it so lame.

LA FIN.JE SUIS FATIGUE(idk if thats rite)
il est vingt-trois heures vingt et un pile! (23:11)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

another music video(: it's so good that mama is addicted to it :P lol .hope you like it

Saturday, April 4, 2009

wow! disappointment in 6 different languages including english:) Impressive much?
ok today was lame.i went to the pet shop for some grooming..for my dog. and guess what?that 'fur cutter' said i had to book first:( Cis!lol.but i bought some snacks for my dog.lol.my dog already knows how to sit and now,im teaching it how to stand. but whenever i say STAND,it SITS ): the programmes on TV are just lame right now. Where's 90210?and Miami ink or London ink?or maybe Beauty and the Geek. My father (faaahther -that's how they said british accent sounds like in the internet)went to penang for some Ching Ming thing.and yea,i searched bout british accent.it's just nice.but i still love U.S.A.

That was all i guess ::::::::::

i think i'll just post a pic and vid of Tamarama;)

andwhycant ichangethefont?

Friday, April 3, 2009

oh yeah!exams are finally over.well,gonna wait for results after term break.then it'll be term 3.so fast!it's like Boom!it's almost the end of year 8 and next,i'll be on the stage,receiving all the prizes on Prize giving day.lol.i find everything going so fast.ok,tmrw,i might bring my dog for some GRRRROOOOMINGGGG.and then on 7th,gonna bring it for injection.lol.man.i've got two ulcers.it hurts like crap.it's more pain that PAIN IN THE BUTT! i bit on my ulcer(the same spot)like so many times): oh and today,Vandana and Siddharth came to Sayfol.and i got my Class Photo.i look awful.lol.i look like a bunny.or like my friend said,GOOFY.I have the face and the laugh of Goofy!oh and for English paper,i wrote an essay bout this this door that i found under the stone but found out it was a dream.(got all the idea from the essay i wrote last yr)it was all my sister's idea.lol. oh and Hamza is pissing me off.she's asking for answeres all the time.and all i can do is,help her.it's really scary.lol. rachel's going to spore today.lol.seems like i wont chat with her for a few days?lol.Megan is out(american idol) and seeing her cry like that wasnt any better.kara and paula went up to give her a hug(: so nice.lol.oh and there's this girl in school,Priya and she's the sister of the deputy head prefect,Hans.She looks like Paula.but just a tiny bit.i laugh like crazy whenver i see her.i dunno why.her face is just FUNNYY. :D and i dont understand what's happening between Rachel and Poh Yi.lol

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

gosh!idioms,idioms,idioms. Suck those idioms! D: currently,im done with 9 idioms.i have 17 to go. and i havent studied SEJARAH.lol. Rachel hasnt replied me on wad pgs to study yet): but sejarah isnt counted.lol. oh im also eating now.lol. today,ms sangeeta was our invigilator(how do you spell it?) and we were making noise after she collected our Science papers.lol.and she was like : YOU ALL ARE ADULTS.YOU ALL HAVE HAIR GROWING EVERYWHERE. and i was like BAHAHAHA. i don't have anything else to post.gotta learn my 17 idioms now. bye!
and i want to share this song with my pierces!lol.pierces sounds so funny.(: im like always posting Music videos.it's fun actually. the band is called TAMARAMA.and the song:Everything to me . sorry if i bore you with videos

Joey [Joh-ee] –noun, plural Joeys. a clown, esp. in the circus or pantomime and puppet theater. that's what they said joey is.lol.but it's so not me(: and don't you pronounce my name like that:D


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